SIP panels are constructed off site:

  • SIP Panels, SIPS Panels, Wall Panel Systems, Insulated Panel SystemsQuality control – SIP panels are constructed in a controlled application environment
  • Flexibility – even elaborate SIP panel designs can easily be prefabricated without bottlenecks of coordinating multiple contractors during construction
  • Reduced weather delays – finished structural insulated panels can be installed during all seasons, without tenting or heating
  • Ready when you need them – SIP panels significantly streamline logistics during construction
  • Less time and trouble – prefabricated panels are installed in far less time
  • Building code compliant – Energy standards compliant. Green building standards compliant. Provides additional crew safety because panels are constructed on floor level. Installed by experienced professional panel specialists.
  • Cost – structural insulated panel construction brings lower cost with a higher quality finish.
  • Our SIP panels are framed by highly skilled union craftsmen