Queen City Lathing Company, started in 1953, manufactured gypsum wood and metal lath attachments for walls and ceilings as a plaster base. In 1981, Kyle Krueger came on board and the name changed to Queen City Construction Company and became a commercial and industrial framing company. Gypsum board installing along with all of the gypsum finish and exterior synthetic stucco applications were introduced.

In 2013 we became QC Panel, moving the future of exterior wall application to a new level. QCP became an Authorized Sto Panel Technology Affiliate for MN, ND, SD, IA and WI.

The Most Advanced Technology in Prefabricated Insulated Wall Panel Solutions!

The most advanced technology in prefabricated insulated wall panel solutions! Queen City Panel’s systemized approach to panelized construction offers many benefits over traditional building methods, including speed, value and superior performance.

Panels are lightweight, energy efficient and durable and are available in a wide variety of aesthetic options. The technical design expertise of experienced Union craftsmen and great customer service make Queen City Panel the preferred choice for new multi-level construction.

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