Queen City Panel exterior wall panels combine significant benefits in time and cost reduction with efficiency and flexibility…

Benefits of prefabricated wall panel construction technology:

  • A blanket of continuous insulation in our insulated wall panels saves significant energy in both hot and cold climates

  • Our EIFS (exterior insulation and finishing system) provides waterproof substrate protection

  • This EIFS wall panel system is extremely durable and low maintenance

  • An outstanding EIFS Construction design with versatility for enhanced curb appeal

  • Panelized wall construction brings lower structural steel requirements due to lighter wall weight

  • US Department of Energy says EIFS outperforms other cladding systems for thermal and moisture protection

  • View the US Department of Energy EIFS exterior insulation finishing system study.

Features Benefits
Comprehensive panelized wall construction system Increased speed, quality and value than other panelized wall systems
Factory material application Enhanced exterior wall finishing quality control
Indoor wall panel manufacturing Work schedules uninterrupted by weather
Pre-assembled panelized walls Fast on-site installation, reduced cost
Lightweight panelized walls Easier installation and lower structural requirements than precast
Air barrier and secondary water barrier standard in all wall panel styles Energy efficient and highly durable wall panels; protects against water intrusion
Continuous EIFS insulation Enhances energy efficiency and minimizes thermal bridging
Wide variety of panelized wall finishing options Virtually unlimited opportunities for unique building wall aesthetics
Components work in flexible panelized wall combinations Wall components customized to climate and design considerations
Wall panels are tested and code recognized Trust and confidence in systems and materials
Walls contain dual seal panelized construction technology Two layers of weather protection provide security and confidence

Our process to panelized construction offers many benefits over traditional precast panels. Pre-Fab Panels are lightweight, energy efficient, durable and require only a fraction of the typical installation time.



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